cro·chet is a technique where you use a crochet hook and yarn. By making loops a pattern will appear. With a pattern you can make a lot of things like clothing, cuddly toys and accessories for your home.

For me crocheting means relaxing after a busy day at work. It’s fun to see how your project grows and the adrenaline you feel when you’re almost finished. What I also find very cool is how much people appreciate a handmade gift. It’s a unique gift where you have put all you energy and love into.. that’s something people really appreciate.

Crochet – How do you do that?

Crochet has several basic stitches. To learn these stitches you can use YouTube or buy a book like ‘The Crochet Bible‘, available on Amazon. We have a Dutch version in the Netherlands and this book has a clear description of the basic stitches and more!

Soon you can find instruction video’s to make the basic stitches on my YouTube channel. This way you can see, repeat and learn how to crochet!

Have fun while finding your next crochet project!

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