Find your inner Mondriaan – Dye selfstriping sock yarn

25 April 2023

Everytime you see them, you get jealous: knitted striped socks. You want them too, you NEED them. So buy the yarn and get started. Or not? There is so much choice in yarn: so many colours, different price ranges and different fibres. Where to start this journey?

Knit striped socks: they’re on my to-do list now. Just because and also because knitting socks is actually kind of fun! You can choose to attach new colors for each stripe or buy a ready to use skein of selfstriping sock yarn. The stripes will magically appear and your socks will be slightly different. You can buy this yarn in every rainbow color there is. The world is your oyster.

In my opinion you knit the most beautiful socks with handdyed yarn. OR find your inner Mondriaan and start to play with color.

Dye selfstriping yarn – how to?

You’ve guessed it right: dye that selfstriping sock yarn skein yourself. Benefits: choose your favorite colors, the amount of strips, speckled or not.

I hear you think: HOW? Lucky you! In less than 8 minutes I will show you how to dye a selfstriping skein with foodcolor. It’s not hard, just time consuming. You definately will be occuppied for a few hours before you have a beautiful skein. And it’s really worth the trouble, believe me.

When you finish dyeing and knitted your socks you have a handmade product from B to Z (A is spinning the wool and you’ve used a ready to go skein haha). Check out the video below!

Learn from my mistakes. This blog continues below.

Learn from my mistakes

It was the first time I tried to handdye a selfstriping skein of sock yarn and I’ve made some mistakes. Learn from them.

  • When I made the long skein I did not put it in a big circle, I just tied them together. So I didn’t have a big circle. Now I have two big sections (pink and yellow) and 4 smaller sections (2x peach and 2x violot). Next time I’ll do it like this:
The lighter line is the yarn around the back of two chairs.

  • The peach color is almost as bright as the pink color. Next time i’ll use less dye, for example 1/8 teaspoon. Same goes for the yellow color. I threw away a lot of dye which is a complete waste.
  • Rinsing the yarn took me a long time. So I’d thought it would be smart to let is soak for a night. All the left over dye came off but also went back into the yellow parts.. which lead to a darker yellow.

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