Cat eye socks – ‘Haken a la Sascha’

12 November 2021

As many of you know I am a HUGE fan of hand dyed yarn and especially the ones from Crealien. Coincidentally I had a skein ‘Tralala” laying around and I’ve had the book ‘Sokken haken a la Sascha’. The cat eye pattern is one of my favorite designs and had to be made first. So 1 + 1 is three, time to get my crochet hook 😉.



The pattern describes all shoe sizes, up to size 46. There is a sock for every foot to crochet.

The pattern is written very clearly and after a few rows you actually don’t need the book anymore (until you need to increase or decrease). I think the heel is ingeniously worked into the pattern. I did crochet a pair of socks before, but I did not like the way they fitted and how the heel was crocheted. In this pattern and the end product your heel goes over into the leg part in one smooth movement. By increasing the cat eye will appear. A nice design and I looove the yarn!


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