#11 Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

9 June 2020

This design can be described as: challenging! Before this square I’ve never crocheted cables, let alone the tunisian way! You know when you participate in a CAL at least 1 design will take a lot of time.. That was this design for me, but BOY I learned a lot! Crocheting cables and the tunisian knit stitch. Thank you, Nicki! I am so proud that I made it!

You can find a total overview of all knitting and crochet patterns of this CAL at https://www.twoofwands.com/travelingafghans.


As you all know this Traveling Afghan CAL is sponsored by Lion Brand. The original design is in one color, I use four. Recently I discovered that we are not crocheting 25 squares, but 24. This was a problem for my color scheme, which is no longer equally divided. That’s why I eliminated the color blue. I’ve made the squares already made in this color again, but in different colors.
I use four pastel colors (green, grey, pink and beige), with Royal yarn from a Dutch store called Zeeman and crochet hook 6mm. I bought 10 skeins of every color. I’ve noticed I can make around 2,5 squares from one skein. I know I have to much yarn, but luckily this can be returned within the year.

Nicki’s Homemade Crafts #11

This pattern is design by Nicole Riley from California, United States of America. You use several tunisian stitches, 2 crochet hooks (at least one is tunisian) and a lot of stitch markers. I’ve practiced a while to get this right, but I did it! Thanks to the great instructionvideo. This square will roll up a bit while crocheting, but after sprayblocking it, it is nice and straight again.
During this part of the CAL I also learned a new stitch: the tunisian knit stitch. Click here to go to the pattern at Nicole’s blog.


See here the end result. A huge challenge this was. Even though I made a few mistakes I am very proud!

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