Carrie the Blowfish

13 June 2020

Not so long ago I started following Elisa’s Crochet on Instagram. She designs the cutest amigurumi dolls. Sometimes she shares the patterns for free on her blog. When I saw ‘Carrie the Blowfish’ I knew I just had to make it. I crochet this fish with leftover yarn from Unicorn Emma.
When I was a little girl I could stare hours to a aquarium. See how fish act was pure joy for me (and still is by the way!). Take me to a aquarium and you lost me for the rest of the day! Unless you drag me a-long.. which I will do, but not voluntarily.


Pattern by Elisa’s Crochet
Yarn & Colors Must Have in the colors: White, Black, Light Pink, Orchid & Peony Pink. Peony Pink & Orchid are your main colors.
Crochet Hook 3mm

Stitch markers


This pattern is easy to follow. Elisa explains it all step-by-step. Still I change a few things.. For example: I didn’t have any white felt at home, so I crocheted the white background colour for the eyes.

I crocheted it as follow: crochet 6 single crochet in a magic loop and close with a slip stitch. The next step is to crochet 2 single crochet in every stitch from the previous row (12 in total), close with a slip stitch, fasten off and leave a long tail to sew the eyes onto the fish.

Also when I started to fill Carrie I’ve a rattle disc into the filling. This way it turns into a cute toy for a baby. You can buy these (among other place, i’m sure) at

I underestimated the amount of work while creating the spines. I thought that it would be a piece of cake, but it wasn’t. You need to think where the spines come, but also while sewing the spines onto the fish, the filling comes back out. Tip! Keep your fingers close to the fish while pulling the string up, this way you push the filling down and it won’t come out :-).

Yarn & Colors Must Have

I really like crocheting with the Yarn & Colors Must Have yarn. Per colour there was small difference in structure. The colour ‘Orchid’ is really soft, while White is a bit more rough (but still soft). This is yarn is truely perfect to crochet amigurumi patterns!


Below the end result. I love how Carrie turned out!

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