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19 September 2020

My best friend got married and I was her Maid of Honor :-)! But what do you give someone you already know your whole live, who loves to bake (so does her new husband) and with whom you’ve seen ALL the Harry Potter and spin off (Fantastic Beasts) movies? Right! A creative and unique gift. For love and made with love.

What do you need?

Cake platter from Dille & Kamille
2 plates with a 15 cm diameter (I used ‘Dublin’ from HEMA)
Heart shaped teatip van Dille & Kamille
For extra decoration
Tea ‘Happiness’ from PickWick
Red Velvet pie mix from Dr. Oetker
Pattern of a Niffler from Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Cake Platter, Plates & Tea Tip

As you can see I dotted the cake platter and plates myself. The plates have two different color combinations, but both have red and white in it. The pattern is Light Beam from StipStijl.

For the cake platter I did not make a pattern, but you can deduce a lot from the photos. I found it very important to dot the first letters of the couple names on the platter, including their wedding date. I did this without any template which is harder than you might think! The first attempts were very skewed, but the end result is not (so much). The colors I used here are the sames ones I used on the plates and I used grey to fill the platter up.

For the heart shaped tea tip I chose for the color red. The color of love, but also the color that is used on every dotted item and of course: the red velvet cake!


The dotted presents are for my best friend and her husband. They like to bake and now they have their own personal set. BUT I also needed something that I only did with my best friend… Like written before I saw every Harry Potter movie with her, including the spin offs. And we still needed an envelope to put something in.. and what is a better envelope than a Harry Potter inspired character that steals anything that is of value and shines? Right again! A Niffler..

Carefull! This one steals!

On Ravelry I found several patterns of a Niffler. I didn’t want it to be very big. He had to blend into the whole gift… I found the perfect size at Soph’s Craft Stuff.


I am really proud at this result. I truly became a personal and unique gift. Lucky for me the happy newly weds thought so to!

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