Joly Bag by Yarn Plaza

5 June 2020

Do you remember the big bushfires in 2019 in Australia? The most horrible images were spreading all over the world. Burned kangaroos, koala bears who run back into the fires because of their panic… I love animals and I just can’t watch these images.. It horrifies me.

The number of initiatives to raise money to help both humans and animals in Australia grew rapidly. Including Yarn Plaza who design several crochet and knitting projects, including the Joly bag. A strong bag to go to the market with. With the purchase of this crochet package (including pattern & yarn) you could support WWF. The total amount raised by Yarn Plaza was €5.635,00.


Crochet kit Joly Bag
Crochet Hook 3,5mm & 4mm


It is a very simple and easy to follow pattern (really, you can do this in your sleep!). By making chains, single crochet and slip stitches you can crochet this bag. The moment you start with the handles this bag get his final form. Nice and easy project, you’re finished before you know it!

To give this bag its ‘Carola’ flavour I’ve made a small bow form the left over yarn and knotted it around the handle. Something I used to do when I was a little girl.

This is how you do it: make 3 strings of at least 1 meter/40 inches and knot them together on top of the strings. Then use tape to stick the yarn to table or put something heavy on top. Then start turning the strings around until it is very tight and turning is no longer possible. Find the middle and bring the end to the top and hold them together. Then let middle go. The strings will start turning and and get twisted together. After finishing, make a bow with this string around the handle.

Yarn & Colors Must Have

I always love to crochet with Yarn & Colors must have. I chose the color Sea Green and this Yarn feels a bit rough. Perfect for a strong market bag! Before I crocheted Unicorn Emma with this yarn. Crocheting this bag proves you can use this yarn for everything!


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