Unicorn Emma

30 May 2020

Kristel Droog has made a book full with cute dogs to crochet. It’s called ‘Mijn hondjes van sokkenwol’. (She just launched book number 2!) For a doglover like me this is an excellent book! After I bought it, an extension became available; Unicorn Emma. A super cute dog!

Personally I think sock wool is pretty expensive, so I searched for an alternative. I went for Yarn & Colors – Must Have. It is a yarn made of cotton. Ideal for Amigurumi. This cotton is crocheted best with the recommended crochet hook.


Book ‘Mijn hondjes van sokkenwol‘ from Kristel Droog
The extension for Unicorn Emma (I’m not sure if this is available in English)
Yarn & Colors Must Have in the colors: White, Black, Light Pink, Orchid, Peony Pink, Lilac, Limeston & Peridot. White & Light Pink are your main colors.
Phildar Brillant 1045 – OR
Crochet Hook 2,5mm


You really need the book to crochet this cute dog, because it contains the basic pattern. In the extension you can find the adjustments to make the unicorn, like ears and the spot around the eye. Also you’ll get an explanation about how to crochet the flowers, leafs and the horn. I’d like Emma just the way she was, so I didn’t make any adjustments.

The only this I did do different is the tail. Kristel advises to use a dog comb to brush the tail fluffy. But if you do so this yarn will break. I did use the advised amount of strings, but in stead of brushing it, I seperated the yarn. Until you have a lot of small strings.

Yarn & Colors Must Have

I really like crocheting with the Yarn & Colors Must Have yarn. Per colour there was small difference in structure. The colour ‘Orchid’ is really soft, while White is a bit more rough (but still soft). This is yarn is truely perfect to crochet amigurumi patterns!


Below the result after I finished Unicorn Emma. Usual I give my crocheted cudly toys away. But I love this one so much, that I’m keeping it for myself!

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