Traveling Afghan Pillow

16 February 2021

My Traveling Afghan is already keeping me warm at night while I watch TV. But there is still something missing… like a matching pillow. Time to crochet a Traveling Afghan inspired pillow.

Spring Curtsy Afghan by Coco Lee Crochet

While crocheting the Traveling Afghan square #6 of Coco Lee Crochet soon became one of my favorites. I wanted to use this pattern for my pillow. In stead of using one color I used all the colors I used in my afghan.

Last year Coco Lee Crochet hosted the ‘Spring Curtsy Afghan’ CAL. The base of this blanket was her Traveling Afghan square and this Afghan is the ideal base for my pillow. I crochet part 1 and a bit of part 2. When my piece was big enough for my pillow I stopped and finished the front.

Rosebud by Knits ‘n Knots

My second favorite was square #7 from Janine from Knits ‘n Knots. I knew I wanted this as the back of my pillow. For the back I just followed the pattern of her Traveling Afghan square. The only difference is that I made a larger starting chain.


And the result! See how my pillow matches my Afghan? This pillow is also perfect for a nap on the couch. And Yes, I am a true Dutchy.. since I love tulips.

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