Karo Koala

29 August 2020

I bought a XL Amigurumi crochet kit during a Black Friday sale at Hoooked. This kit contains everything you need to make Koala Sidney. Since I like Karo better, I changed his name, haha :). Are you going to crochet this cuty as well?


Pattern Koala Bear Sidney (no longer available)
3x RibbonXL yarn in Stone Grey
1x RibbonXL in Sandy Ecru or Pearl White
Hook 10mm


This pattern is designed by Zooeyzo. This designer has developed many patterns for Hoooked, such as a giraffe and Elephent. The pattern is easy to follow and because the yarn is very big your Koala Bear will grow very fast! I’ve finished Karo in no time!

I did change the eyes a little bit. In the original design they are little black circles. I thought this gave Karo a sad look, so I change it to a small arc. This make this Koala super cute!

Before I started filling this baby up I made several pouches to put in the filling. I made 2 big pouches (for the head and body) and 4 smaller pouches (for the legs). This way the filling won’t come outside between the stitches. Now this stuffed animal is safe for little children – if I ever decide to give Karo away.

RibbonXL yarn

RibbonXL is some kind of a tunnel yarn and made of recycled cotton. You use crochet hook 10, which gives you big stitches. Something I like for Karo, so I am happy :).


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