Acryl Pour Painting

22 August 2020

A cousin of mine make beautiful paintings, without knowing the outcome when starting. This technique is called ‘Open Cup Acryl Pour Painting’. By pouring thinned acryl paint onto a canvas and move this canvas around you can create beautiful paintings. Want to know how? Keep on reading!

What do you need?

Acryl paint, I bought mine at a discountstore called Action
Pouring medium for acryl paint
Silicon oil or WD-40
Something to cover your table

How to start?

You start with choosing your colors. The background will be in one color. My husband and I chose for black. Then you mix the paint one on one with the medium. Use the stirrers to mix properly. If you see lumps, it’s not mixed yet. When you finish mixing it you add the silicon oil, stir one more time and you’re ready to get started. Add silicon oil with every color, except with the background color!

Pour the background color onto your canvas and make sure the whole canvas is covered with paint. Next you take your plastic cup and cut off the bottom with scissors. Then you put the cup upside down onto your canvas. Now pour the different colors into the cup. At some point the cup starts to move, remove your cup, pick up your canvas and start moving the paint in any direction you’d like to create a pattern.

When you are satisfied with the pattern, take your hairdryer and go over your canvas. The heat makes the oil active and creates bubbles in your work. This adds a little dimension to your painting. If you have a large black space like I do? Get a paint brush and make mini splashes in the places. Now it looks like you’ve created stars!

Is it not quite clear yet? No worries! My husband, Tony Needs Hobbies, made a video about it where he (and I!) show you how it’s done.

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