Endless Blossom plate

15 September 2021

Julia of Dots Design is one of the Instagram accounts that I’ve been following for quite a while now. Dots Design designs mandela dotting art, but also made her own dotting art stickers and brought them to the market so WE can buy and use them as well! You will use these stickers in the shape of a raindrop often in her patterns, but you can, of course, use them in your own designs and go wild!

I was very curious about the raindrop stickers, but I also had a secret crush on her mandela dotting art pattern ‘Endless Blossom’. So… I bought the pattern, the stickers and I went to a local store called Dille & Kamille and bought a 30cm plate.


pizza plate of Dille&Kamille (or any other 30cm plate)
Dotting art stickers
Dotting art sticks
Pattern ‘Endless Blossom’

Dots Design pattern

I am used to the patterns of StipStijl, which are always very clear, structured and well written and I love that. Usually I am very sceptic about other designers. Some just can’t explain it well and then I get annoyed and I will put it away (because I can’t make it work).

BUT: the pattern of Dots Design is explained very clearly and very visually and I love it! At the end of each step you will see what your plate should look like. And that worked really well for me. If I ever need to buy another pattern I will definitely check out Dots Design again. I promise you: if you buy at Dots Design you will not regret it!


Like I already wrote the Endless Blossom pattern is well written with very clear instructions. When you buy this pattern you should know you also need her rain drop stickers. You can place them onto your plate and easily remove them with a dotting art stick or a pincet.

I followed every single step of the pattern. When I finished I still thought it was a bit blanc. Sooo.. I decided to fill this baby up with more dots! With this fill up the ‘blossom’ really pops. The end result is, as you can see, gorgeous! I am really happy with this plate. Don’t know what I will do with it yet, but for now it looks really nice under my fruit basket haha.


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