Christmas Amigurumi Lalylala

11 November 2020

Christmas is coming! A time of family time, good food and cosiness. Even though I think, due to the corona virus, everyone is required to spend Christmas a different way. I am getting into the Christmas mood with this cute Christmas crochet kit from Lalylala.

After I bought the crochet kit to crochet Candle Claus, Christmas tree Xaver and Christmas Angel Anton I started right away. And oh, boy! It is so much fun to decorate this Christmas Tree. Literally.
The patterns are easy to follow and the first rows are the same. You finish crocheting this candle, christmas tree and angel in no-time.


I bought the complete crochet kit in the Etsy store of van Lalylala. Where you can find all of her crochet kits. After buying the kit you receive the patterns by email and the materials through with the mail, this includes the filling. The only thing you need to grab is your crochet hook and stitch markers you like. Delivery is fast, so you can start within a couple of days (when you live in Europe).

Hint! Go to IKEA and buy the ‘IKEA365+‘ coasters. Pin cocktail stitch in the back of your doll and into the coaster and you dolls will nicely stand up straight.


The patterns are easy to follow and the base is the same. When you buy your kit today, you can finish it before Christmas.

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